The Statement of Work – An Outline for the Independent Marketer

If you work for a marketing consulting firm, there is most likely a standard template for a statement of work to use with clients. If you work in-house for the marketing department of an organization, a statement of work is likely not needed. But if you are starting a journey as an independent marketing consultant, it is important to make sure your standard statement of work is complete, concise, and compatible with your business model to benefit both you and your clients. Here is an outline to get you started.



This portion will cover the standard contract language and refers to the Master Service Agreement (MSA) that will govern the relationship between you and your client.

Project Overview

Because this section is just an overview, use plain language that describes the client assignment in a way that someone new to the project could understand.

Services & Deliverables

What will you be doing for the duration of this project, and what will you be delivering to your client at the end of it?

Scope and Assumptions

Outline what is within the scope of this project, including any assumptions that have been made to determine this scope. Be sure to also outline things that are not within the scope of this project and would, therefore, require a negotiated and written change of scope.


Here you will outline key milestones of your project and when they should be expected to be reached.

Costs and Budget

Be as thorough as you can, outlining fixed costs and how overages will be calculated if there is a divergence.

Delivery and Acceptance

Detail how your client will be signing off on the final work once you have delivered it to them.



This is, of course, a rough outline, and it should be fleshed out according to your needs and your client’s. Try to be as specific as you can while still keeping the document legible. This will ensure that you and your client are on the same page from the beginning regarding expectations for the project. Be sure to look at online examples to get more thorough references on how to structure a statement of work. Then you should be well on your way to perfecting your own.

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