The Pitch

Some tips for pitching your marketing plan

You have a genius idea for the next marketing campaign for your business or client to embark upon. That’s great! But unless you are the ultimate decision-maker in the situation, you still have to present it. Sure, you know that this campaign is the next best step to take, but you still have the daunting task of communicating it so that everybody else involved also knows it. Here are a few tips to achieve the perfect pitch.

  1. Focus on the purpose
    • It is not enough to communicate to your audience how and why your plan is clever and creative. You must tie every part of it in with how it contributes to the ultimate goal; growing the business.
  1. SOS; Keep the message simple, original, and succinct.
    • You may have a million interesting thoughts about how the campaign will be carried out, but your audience, no matter how invested, only has a limited attention span. Stick to the point, quickly demonstrate why your idea is original, and don’t use five sentences when one will do.
  1. Involve the audience with your new angle.
    • Audience engagement is crucial in any type of presentation, but most importantly when you are aiming to convince them of something. You have about 30 seconds to achieve this engagement. Check out this article for some good ways to do so.
  1. Be clear about the outcomes.
    • I have three words for you; KPIs, KPIs, KPIs. Don’t only tell your audience that your plan will be effective, tell them how this will be measurable.
  1. Show vs tell.
    • If a picture is worth a thousand words, charts and graphs are worth about a million. Make your ideas and their supporting facts visible.
  1. WIIT; What’s in it for them?
    • Your main focus is to illustrate how your plan will help grow the business. But a good secondary focus to have when planning your pitch is taking your audience into account when you structure your presentation. Let them know how your plan will benefit them as the business grows.
  1. Use the right flow; problem, idea, and justification.
    • KISS; Keep it simple, stupid. We’ve all zoned out during presentations before. Help your audience by making your flow of information as easy to follow as possible.

Keep in mind that your idea still has to have a solid foundation and concrete reasoning. But once it does, these tips should set you on the right track to communicating it effectively. Now, get pitching!

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