The Social Media Audit

When developing or altering your social media strategy, the first step is to make sure all your goals, resources, and decision-makers are in alignment regarding the direction you’re going to take it. But that should be a given. The very next step is where the real work begins. You, or your organization, whatever the case may be, need to perform an audit of all your existing social media. 

SproutSocial put together several steps to conducting a successful social media strategy. I’ve condensed it a bit for this post, but the structure is sound. 

Step 1: Analyze each profile.

How many followers do you have on each platform? Is your design in each one up to par with how you want to present your brand?

Step 2: Identify top-performing posts.

What kinds of posts draw the most engagement? Don’t focus only on numbers, we’ve all seen negative comments and most of us have left one or two. 

Step 3: Identify your website’s top shared content.

Shared content is even more relevant for identifying your strengths than likes and comments.

Step 4: Confirm consistent branding between sites.

To have a good brand identity, you have to have a consistent brand identity. Make sure your logos, messages, and graphics are consistent across your platforms. 

Step 5: Define the audience you are reaching by site.

While consistency in your message is important, tweaks do have to be made if there are differences in the audiences you are trying and expecting to reach with each platform.

Step 6: Calculate ROI monthly and revise objectives.

The last step needs to be done consistently redone. It is not enough to develop and launch a social media strategy, it needs to be kept up and revised periodically. This is not only for maintenance, but it is also for you to recognize if and when it is time for yet another revamp. For virtually every industry, the environment is ever-evolving and your social media strategy has to evolve along with it, so monitor their interaction at all times.

For a deeper dive into the social media audit, check out SproutSocial’s full article, which also contains a useful template to use during the process.

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