Reliving the Moment – Highlights During Lockdowns

It’s a rough time for die-hard sports fans. Those of us who are the type to get deeply invested in a team or sport have been left bereft, at the risk of sounding too dramatic. While the forced lockdown is rough from the fans’ perspective, it is even more so for sports franchises themselves, with profit margins all but decimated or the near future. One crucial task to keep in mind for teams’ marketing professionals is keeping fans engaged on social media, as I discussed in a recent post.

The first example I gave in that post consisted of a team tweeting out a quick highlight clip from a past game. I hadn’t thought too much about it at the time beyond the scope of it being one of several modes of engagement. That changed just today as I sent out a tweet about how much I currently miss hockey, which eventually sent me on an hour-long social media highlight binge.

I realized that, while the other forms of engagement I had given as examples certainly have their place, highlights have a very specific impact on a sports-deprived fanbase. They remind us of the excitement we experience when we watch our team compete, thereby keeping us excited to see them come back.

Teams should do what they can to expose their fanbases to as many instances of reliving the excitement as possible, especially for the duration of this pandemic and its effects on the industry. It is the excitement that usually keeps fans coming back, and it is a big part of what teams will rely on to be able to come back strong when the time comes.

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