Location Is Everything: Geofencing in Sports Marketing

The sports industry is, by definition, a locally-centered endeavor. That means that marketing efforts by a team need to be directed to a regional audience, without wasting resources or paying for advertising outside of the target market boundaries. With out-of-home advertising, this is fairly self-explanatory. You wouldn’t buy space on a billboard promoting your team outside of the state in which it plays, for example.

The Virtual Boundary

But what about mobile marketing? This is where geofencing comes in. Salesforce defines geofencing within the context of marketing as that which “gives companies the ability to advertise specifically to potential customers within a certain geographic radius” and “constructs a virtual boundary around a business location using a combination of technologies.” You can already see how crucial a role it can play in the sports industry. You may even have already been using it in practice without actually calling it “geofencing.”

The same article by Salesforce which gave the above definition also outlines the following 3 benefits of geofencing for marketing that can better illustrate how valuable it can be for sports team marketing. 

  1. Enhance Local Sales – This is the primary aim of all marketing efforts within a sports team. Your team depends heavily on local support to be successful, especially in ticket sales.
  1. Increase Analytics and Tools for Metric Analysis – Location-related analytics can be very critical for your team. If, for example, your arena or stadium is located near three different counties, you can use the metrics collected through your geofencing promotions to determine which of those counties has the highest or lowest conversion rates and adjust accordingly.
  1. Provide Personalization for Customers – That same data you collect through geofencing can help you get to know your fans better. And if you know what’s attracted your fans, you can get a better idea of how to attract future fans.

In short, geofencing can help you not only in the efficient distribution of marketing materials within your desired zone of influence, but it can also provide back valuable data that you can use to refine those efforts. Particularly in sports team marketing, this is a valuable item to have in your toolbox.

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