Global Branding – Tips and Guidelines

Branding techniques are determined by an extensive list of factors. Weighing all these factors together is a balancing act on the best of days, but becomes even more delicate when the branding process is done on a global scale. Geographical factors bring with them their own set of considerations. When branding on a global scale, there are some helpful tips to consider throughout the process.

  1. Understand differences and similarities in the global branding landscape
  2. Embrace integrated marketing communications
  3. Cultivate brand partnerships
  4. Balance standardization and customization
  5. Balance local and global control
  6. Leverage brand elements

Make sure you balance these factors according to your specific business situations.  Whether you are planning to expand into the global market or revise your global marketing strategy, reviewing the above tips and the linked resources will start you off on the right track.

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