For Your Toolbox: Tableau

We are all well aware of the incredible usefulness of excel for data management. For visualizing that data, it also has a good number of features to create charts, graphs, etc. This portion is somewhat limited, however, and there is a much more intuitive and versatile tool for data visualization; Tableau.

Don’t misunderstand this. Tableau is not a replacement for Excel, but rather a complement for it. They have different strengths because they are designed with different main purposes. Whereas Excel is most efficient for data storage and manipulation, Tableau allows that data to be represented in a way that provides visual insights.

Once you know Tableau, it will undoubtedly become a valuable part of your toolbox as a marketing analyst. Although it becomes intuitive once you get the hang of it, learning it can be a bit of a process for some. I highly recommend following a tutorial that will walk you through importing, adjusting, and visualizing a data set or sets. LinkedIn Learning has great resources to begin this journey, as does Tableau itself.

For even more on the differences between Excel and Tableau, check out this article by EDUCBA.

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